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A Delicious Ghost (Kitchen) Story

Delivery has become the lifeblood of many businesses. Indeed it has always been ours. What is a Ghost Kitchen? This significant trend is also known as a dark kitchen or delivery-only or pick-up only kitchen is accelerating how food businesses are pivoting today. We’re not big, but we’re small…. We’ve been operating for ten years […]

Healing 2020

Healing 2020: I’m thinking about the importance of a healing mindset. Because 2020. Magnificence. No Matter What. “The mind knows alone what is nearest the heart and sees where the soul is turned.” – Havamal I know my soul is turned to you. I have a desire to help make Holiday and Christmas Celebrations even […]

Because 2020. Magnificence. No Matter What.

Because 2020. Magnificence. No Matter What. I’ve been noticing that great sunsets are happening now. And shorter days mean this year is almost done. The sun is setting on 2020. And, because 2020, more magnificence is absolutely mandatory. Since I’ve decided we’re making cake for Holidays and Christmas. (Já! Yes!) I’ve also decided to put […]

My idea of how to eat well

My idea of how to eat well……Is to decide that food creation can be exciting. As a professional designer, I transfer my passion for experiencing what I see and touch to the technical and creative assembly of something beautiful, functional and tasty in the kitchen. For everyday cooking, I shop in local grocery stores and […]

Some people buy lots of shoes

Life is a bit tricky and messy right now. In this uncertain time you’ll find me where? …In the kitchen, of course. How about you? Some people buy lots of shoes. I buy fresh fruit and vegetables…… Experiencing and working with what nature provides is my passion. Striving and thriving on massive amounts of three-dimensional […]

Embrace Your Inner Amma

Embrace Your Inner Amma….. With all the challenges we are facing it helps to remember times when you felt accepted, appreciated, and wrapped love. Why I do what I do is anchored in awareness of my Amma’s pure love and pioneer spirit. I wonder what inspired an awareness of love for you? Here’s my awakening […]

Calla Lilies Dessert Recipe

Calla Lilies Dessert Recipe Calla Lilies Desserts are easy to make sweet little elegant indulgences from Nýja Ísland í Kanada. (New Iceland in Canada). I can’t remember an Easter without these lovely treats. Calla Lily flowers are loaded with meaning and commonly used in Easter services and Funerals to represent resurrection and rebirth. Used at […]

Icelandic Brown Bread

Vinarterta Tribe Tactic: Bake! Here’s our traditional family recipe for Icelandic Brown Bread. Brúnt Brauð has a special sweetness, lightness, and density. I love to make it entirely by hand and enjoy the process! This is a bread that connects directly with the heart of Icelanders in North America. A must-have, lightly buttered, (divine toasted) […]

Becoming Vinarterta

Becoming Vinarterta, the pure love and pioneer spirit of the North American Icelandic heart took time.
 “It takes a long time to fully become who you are.” says Björk. Vinarterta is still in the process of becoming. We are honoured to be a part of the becoming of Vinarterta in our generation. Much love […]

Sweet to the eye is that which is seen.

Sweet to the eye is that which is seen. Oh! Summer celebrations! There are so many! Those time tested Strawberry Festivals, games, races and picnics where food is the central attraction seems to transcend both generations and country borders. I’m imagining a picnic or an old fashion style Strawberry Social with a long line of white […]