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What is Vinarterta The Delicious Striped Icelandic Cake.™?

Made with Pure Love and Pioneer Spirit, Vinarterta and Icelandic North American culture are one and the same. It is us.

It’s a distinctively different, refined and storied (and yummy) striped cake handmade with seven thin fragrant vanilla cake layers filled fruit, then iced with pure vanilla and almond flavoured buttercream. Traditional with cardamom flavoured plums, apricot and cranberry-rhubarb are favourites. Simple ingredients, and not too sweet, it packs a lot of unique flavour into a compact serving.

A Culinary time capsule since 1875, Vinarterta has been connecting and nourishing the bodies, hearts and minds of people of Icelandic descent in a multilayered way for generations. Arden Jackson was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and has created a cake true to the virtues of her Icelandic Amma’s Riverton, Manitoba family recipe brought from Iceland with the Pioneers. While subtle variations in layers and flavourings are cherished in some family traditions, the recipe is virtually unchanged, while largely unknown in its present form in Iceland today.

Translated as Vienna Torte with European origins, it is made for Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Special occasions, Dinner Parties and Coffee Time. Known to keep well for months (if it lasts that long), to disappear spontaneously at gatherings, in paper thin slivers in private, and to be revered and untouched for an extraordinary time in the refrigerator or freezer anticipating unexpected visits or upcoming celebrations. Now, made to order for everyone to join us in the experience ‘just because’.

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