Healing 2020

Healing 2020: I’m thinking about the importance of a healing mindset.

Because 2020. Magnificence. No Matter What.

“The mind knows alone what is nearest the heart
and sees where the soul is turned.”
– Havamal

I know my soul is turned to you. I have a desire to help make Holiday and Christmas Celebrations even more special this year. 

As always, Vinarterta is made with love. 

One of the original recipes for Vinarterta from Iceland is called Vinarkaka made with four layers and filled with plum jam. Icelanders mostly maintain this four-layered configuration and change up the filling. North American Icelanders have tended to vary the number of layers and spices, and make it iced or not based on family preference.

The beauty of Vinarterta is that historically it could be made with minimal equipment, baked over a fire without an oven, and last a long time without refrigeration when uniced.

That’s a clue as to why Vínarterta evolved and became so popular in New Iceland.

Even with the abundance of wheat in North America, Icelanders kept up their traditional methods of making a little go a long way. More layers made it more special. Like all things that appear complex, like the Delicious Striped Icelandic Cake, it’s really simple. Many an Amma made a very pragmatic cake with what was available, especially at Christmas, as an expression of love for their family. Their families never forgot it because of its incredible uniqueness and great taste.

Vinarterta is a healing cake. It’s like a warm loving hug.

As we move towards planning holiday celebrations for 2020, of course, I’m thinking Vinarterta. It’s a cake for hanging on to moments of closeness, love and connection.

Healing 2020 will take time.
Supporting others through sharing treasured traditions and favourite foods are why I do what I do.

The taste of a sweet has a powerful impact on the brain. We remember with precision what is good, rare, and only available in certain places seasonally. What makes it great is that it reminds us of good and happy times. It reminds us of home.

What I think is true about quirky traditional Icelandic food, and the cake that’s hard to pronounce and spell that we love so much is this; it’s all about preserving the past, a taste of home, and a connection with the Icelandic heart.

Certainly, it’s a part of a culture of argumentativeness. And also though, a sincere desire to heal through expressions of love.

Vínarterta. It is us.

Across North America dreams of perfect holidays begin around the making of our beloved ‘terta.

Thank you for carrying on your holiday traditions. And creating new ones.

No Matter What.

Sending Big Healing Hugs,

Your Vinkona,
Arden Jackson

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Arden Jackson