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Vinarterta 101: Size Guide + Testimonials:

Our Vinarterta Kitchen is open for you!

Vinarterta is the pure love and pioneer spirit of Icelandic North Americans. Since 2012 I have been fulfilling my culinary mission of sharing and shipping Vínarterta Icelandic Cake throughout North America and beyond so that as many people as possible can experience Icelandic Culinary Culture.

The adventure continues with more and more Vínarterta making, sharing, and shipping than ever before through the challenging times of COVID. Imported OMNOM Chocolate and Nordur Salt have been great hits! Our expanded offerings in the past included Imported Icelandic Lamb, experiential ‘There and Back Again 1857-2015 Tour’ travel to Iceland and co-creation of events including Thorrablot for 300 people with the Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario., serving traditional Icelandic food and contemporary interpretations at the Westward Viking Festival at Parks Canada’s L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site in Newfoundland, sharing cake through the excellent leadership of my sons at BizBaz Bizarre Bazaar in Caledon, Ontario, and Iceland Affair in Winchester, Connecticut. Serving Vínarterta to the (now past president) President of Iceland, Óafur Ragnar Grímsson was a particular highlight, however my most touching experience was meeting baker Amanda Glover again and hearing her retell how she cried when she first tasted my ‘terta in 2014, because it tasted so good. The holiday seasons of the past five years have been record-breaking in terms of orders placed and shipped, extending well into January.

2023 continues to be a wonderful year because of fabulous customers like you, and will be the best ever! We’ve created adventures this year including Sponsoring Vinarterta for The Icelandic National League of North America Convention in Banff Alberta and Embassy of Iceland in Canada’s Ambassador Hlynur Guðjónsson´s The Taste of Iceland’s Independence Day Picnic in High Park, and numerous Weddings. For many special occasions, and ‘just because’ we’re here for you! If you need a cake, a custom creation, or traditional Icelandic food, or have an idea for how I might serve you better, please contact me.

I look forward to making your cake, supplying valuable products, and organizing more opportunities to connect together as culinary and cultural tourists.

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The Vínarterta Size Guide:

Available with Traditional Plum, Cranberry/Rhubarb, Apricot Filling or Chocolate Lakkrís flavours. Buttercream Icing is Standard, Uniced with a Seasonal Cookie Top is optional. Gluten Free/Dairy Free Available Too!

Amma (Grandmother) Our Beautiful Large Vínarterta for Sharing!
11 lbs. : 5 kg
Serves 32-64
Recommendations for serving: Cut the 9″x13″ (22.9 cm x 33 cm) cake into 96 pieces. Each piece will be 1 5/8″ x 3/4″ (4.13 cm x 1.9 cm). Allow 1.5 – 3 pieces per person.

Afi (Grandfather) Our Afi is ‘Traditional’ in Size
5.5 lbs : 2.5 kg
Serves: 16-24
Recommended Serving: Cut the 9″x 6 1/2″ (22.9 cm x 16.5 cm) cake into 48 pieces. Each piece will be 1 5/8″ x 3/4″ (4.13 cm x 1.9 cm). Allow 2 – 3 pieces per person

Vinur (Friend) Our Friendly Medium Vínarterta for Sharing!
2.75 lbs. : 1.2 kg
Serves: 8-12
Recommendations for serving: Cut the 3 1/4″ x 9″ (8.25 cm x 22.9 cm) cake into 24 pieces. Each piece will be 1 5/8″ x 3/4″ (4.13 cm x 1.9 cm).
Allow 2 – 3 pieces per person.

Elskan (Dear One) Our Dear Little Small Vínarterta.
1.4 lb or .625 kg
4-6 Servings
Recommended Serving: Cut the 3 ¼” x 4 ½” (8.25cm x 11.4cm) cake into 12 pieces. Each piece is 1 5/8″ x 3/4″ (1.13 cm x 1.9 cm). Allow 2-3 pieces per person.

As always, I’m sending love your way,

Arden Jackson

Testimonials from Happy Customers:

‘The vinarterta was heavenly at the INL Convention in Banff!’- Bettyjane Wiley, Toronto, Ontario

“We had the licorice Vinarterta the other night.  Took it to a dinner party. It was a hit!” Lynn Thordarson, Beaver Valley, Ontario

“We received the vinarterta today and shared it with two local families who said it was so incredible to have a vinarterta that was so well made and that matched in their minds the traditional (and quite rare) example of how very old Icelanders made it.” – Gunnar Helgason, Reykjavik, Iceland

‘Arden…Hello…and thank you so much…cake was received today…with enormous delight and gratitude…in the end, it was advantageous to get now after the hubbub of xmas.’ – Bob

“The Vinarterta is exquisite.” – Norma Peters, Toronto

‘Thanks, Arden. You and your vinartertas are simply wonderful!’ – Len Vopnfjord, British Columbia

‘The most beautiful vínarterta i have ever seen and the taste is amazing!’ – Ólof, Iceland

‘I love your vínarterta!’ – Linda Lundstrom, Ontario. CA

‘I love you, and i love this cake! The world needs to know about your product.’ – Gerri Griswold, Connecticut, Massachusetts, USA

‘Wonderful new idea for a pioneer vinarterta. It makes me think of morning, afternoon and evening coffee times in my Amma’s kitchen, with my mom and aunts, hearing stories about the early days of Icelanders in New Iceland. These precious times filled with conversation and love, gave me my most special  childhood memories.’ – Meredith McFarquhar, Ontario

‘The Amma cake arrived as scheduled. It was beautiful, delicious, and a hit – especially with the Icelandic Hekla Club members who were at Mom’s memorial service. The frosting is amazing!’ – Valerie Olson, Minnesota, US

’The best thing i have ever eaten in my entire life!’ – Steve, L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland. CA

“The Vinarterta arrived today by Canada Post. It was in mint condition and perfectly wrapped. The cake is gorgeous and done so well. It was a shame to cut into it but of course we HAD to.

Your workmanship is fabulous. Every layer is perfect and, so moist and your prune filling is lovely and smooth. Your Icing is lovely and just hint of almond .. Tea time will be fun this week at our house. My husband is from a Icelandic family. So, his mom made this cake all the time for him. She passed on her recipe to me and I have made it a few times. This winter I did a 8 inch round version, and it tastes so great but yours is magnificent.” – Margaret and Scott, Lethbridge, Alberta

‘This is good!’ – Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, Past President of Iceland 1996-2016

“Whatever secrets you’ve learned to keep your wonderful Vinarterta fresh so long in transit, they’re working! I was amazed, even after six days in transit and sitting in my overheated mailbox in the sunshine on Monday for an hour or so, it was in fine condition last night when I opened the box and served it at the book club. Thanks! You do great work.  PS Two small pieces remain for tonight’s dessert.” – David Johnson, Indianapolis, US

“The cake is absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t believe my eyes.” – Iris Robinson, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA

“We enjoyed our cake yesterday and everyone was in heaven and couldn’t believe how tasty it was. Best birthday cake ever!”  Billy Engvall, Brockton, Massachusetts, USA

“My daughter loved her vinarterta that i ordered for her high school graduation!!” – Meridee Danks, Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA

The wedding went very well, and the vinarterta was very delicious. We liked it so much that we would like to order more. We were very impressed by the density, texture and the unique blend of cardamom and spices that really makes it unique.”  – Nick Neufeld, Toronto, Ontario

Hello Arden,

I just wanted to let you know how very impressed I am once again, with both the product as well as the great service.

I ordered a Vinarterta to be delivered to my sister in Winnipeg on February 19, and it was indeed. I just received a text message from her which reads as follows – 

“The most beautiful Vinarterta ever. A resounding success at dinner yesterday. It’s the best one I have ever eaten, and such a lovely presentation.”

 I should add that my sister and her Icelandic foodie friends make vinarterta themselves, so they are a tough bunch to impress!

Thanks again for making this happen. – Judith, Fernie, BC.

Sending lots of love! Call Toll Free in North America at 855 518 8100. Click here to go to our store!