My idea of how to eat well

My idea of how to eat well……Is to decide that food creation can be exciting. As a professional designer, I transfer my passion for experiencing what I see and touch to the technical and creative assembly of something beautiful, functional and tasty in the kitchen. For everyday cooking, I shop in local grocery stores and […]

Some people buy lots of shoes

Life is a bit tricky and messy right now. In this uncertain time you’ll find me where? …In the kitchen, of course. How about you? Some people buy lots of shoes. I buy fresh fruit and vegetables…… Experiencing and working with what nature provides is my passion. Striving and thriving on massive amounts of three-dimensional […]

Embrace Your Inner Amma

Embrace Your Inner Amma….. With all the challenges we are facing it helps to remember times when you felt accepted, appreciated, and wrapped love. Why I do what I do is anchored in awareness of my Amma’s pure love and pioneer spirit. I wonder what inspired an awareness of love for you? Here’s my awakening […]

Something beautiful awaits!

“Something beautiful awaits.” – Hávamál Assurance that ‘something beautiful awaits’ is good news. (Odin calls it true. Right?) Sorry I’ve been out of touch for so long. I think I’ve just been waiting…. Is it here yet? Yes, maybe and no. Depends on how you look at it. Never in my life has ‘that something’ […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! Let’s celebrate all the amazing women out there who are doing so many things effectively, with generosity and caring everyday in this uncommon time! What do Margréts and Vínarterta have in common? I had a remarkable experience leading an amazing group of women who came together to support a friend by making […]

Gleðilegt sumar! Happy summer!

Gleðilegt sumar! Happy summer! You’ve survived the long hard winter once again and now it’s summer according to the Icelandic calendar. Warm days are tickets to happiness on our mothership móðir jórð (mother earth). As she moves us through this viral time reminiscent of 1876 and 1918 we are humbled and ever hopeful that we […]

The Viking Immigrants Icelandic North Americans

Just think about the dynamic proliferation of our people and culture over the last 150 years! (Not just the Icelanders!) In 1944 Halldór (Dori) Guðjón Jónsson Eastman’s family celebrated his 70th Birthday in Riverton, Manitoba and they could barely fit everyone in the picture. Dori was a toddler when he arrived in Canada. In the […]

As you like it

“And this our life exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brook, sermons in stones, and good in everything”. –    Shakespeare, ‘As You Like It’ Act 2 Scene 1 Forest of Arden I’m at home surrounded by forest. It’s a quiet and beautiful place to be. Yet even town streets […]

Just lean into the crack

‘If you wake up and the day feels broken just lean into the crack.’ – Björk We’re in a different world right now and what we need for ourselves, and others are for us to lean in. We’re not going back. That thing-that-shall-not-be-named has ushered in a massive evolution calling for reset and balance. We’re […]

Calla Lilies Dessert Recipe

Calla Lilies Dessert Recipe Calla Lilies Desserts are easy to make sweet little elegant indulgences from Nýja Ísland í Kanada. (New Iceland in Canada). I can’t remember an Easter without these lovely treats. Calla Lily flowers are loaded with meaning and commonly used in Easter services and Funerals to represent resurrection and rebirth. Used at […]