Because 2020. Magnificence. No Matter What.

Because 2020. Magnificence. No Matter What.

I’ve been noticing that great sunsets are happening now. And shorter days mean this year is almost done. The sun is setting on 2020.

And, because 2020, more magnificence is absolutely mandatory.

Since I’ve decided we’re making cake for Holidays and Christmas. (Já! Yes!)
I’ve also decided to put together some special offerings for you.

If you are feeling WTF about this year, I’m working on reworking that for you.

I asked myself….really, what can I do to give you more love?

It’s time to define 2020 as a beautiful sunset, for you, for family, and friends.
It’s an opportunity for a defining moment of change.

Here are Three New Things! (Limited Offering):

I’m making a new Vinarterta to celebrate you.
It has the usual seven layers of cake, and six layers of jam, but in three flavours! It’s filled with a sunset range of plum, cranberry-rhubarb, and apricot. And, of course, topped off with an essential layer of buttercream warmed by vanilla and almond.

It’s the 2020TERTA – The Everything Vinarterta. In all sizes.

And for more muchness I’ve put together a Sweet, and a Savory Gift Pack.
They include a Pönnukökur Pan, Nordur Salt and OMNOM Chocolate.

It’s the 2020PÖKKI – The All-Things-Good Pack

And just because we’re brewing so much coffee at home these days I’m sharing my custom roasted beans. A medium dark blend of nutty Kona beans, earthy Java beans and fruity Arabican beans

It’s the 2020KAFFI – The Med-Dark Coffee Blend.

I’ve chosen ‘Vinkona’ to brand these new offerings as a way of expressing my care for you.

I really didn’t think this year would become what it has, or I’d be doing what I am, where I am.
Maybe you feel the same. I’m here for you.

It is my intention to lean into the new while embracing the people, places, spaces and things I love.
Excited to be here with you.
I’m all about nostalgia and classic, adventurous and new, and experiences that are not easily replicated.

Thank you for allowing me to pop into your browsing life and sharing this day with you.

It’s definitely a season for beautiful sunsets, exceptional experiences and a great time for showering you with lots of love.

Your Vinkona,
Arden Jackson
Call Free in North America: 855 518 8100

P.S. Friendly nudge to place your Holiday Orders Today.

Order no later than November 15.
I anticipate being sold out early.