A Delicious Ghost (Kitchen) Story

Delivery has become the lifeblood of many businesses. Indeed it has always been ours.

What is a Ghost Kitchen? This significant trend is also known as a dark kitchen or delivery-only or pick-up only kitchen is accelerating how food businesses are pivoting today.

We’re not big, but we’re small….

We’ve been operating for ten years as an online ‘Pop Up’ small batch artisan bakery making Vinarterta and delivering it everywhere, with no storefront. We now have a flexible semi-permanent home.

Arden Jackson continues to be your source for Vinarterta, our main product. I’m excited to share that it is now made at a place called ‘Vinkona’.

Ours is a made to order, no inventory approach that really worked well while renting commercial kitchens during off-hours. It was the only way I could afford to start and grow my business. 

I expected to build a customized scaled-up commercial operation of my own on a small town main street this year. Unexpectedly I decided just a month ago to retain the ‘we’re not big, but we’re small’ model of made to order baking and delivery which could be multiplied over time.

These are quirky days, and likely to be followed by more ahead. I believe I can continue to expand the delivery of experiential adventure and culinary tourism through Icelandic Food, Culture and Design, and Vinarterta at a high level from my new place.

The overhead costs of setting up an inspected kitchen are expensive but the costs of setting up a traditional operation can be overwhelming. Cost for equipment, ingredients and staffing are skyrocketing. Supply chain and shipping impacts are evident in unpredictable and long deliveries. 

That said, I am working on levelling up our approach with Vinarterta 2.0. Our new plan, a new method, and a new way is evolving. If all goes as envisioned the Arden Jackson Vinarterta business will outpace our own small-batch artisan bakery goals.

That’s the dream. And at the centre, is maintaining the core purpose of my business, which is to serve you by creating a community around the Icelandic cultural and culinary landscape with pure love and pioneer spirit, and of course Vinarterta.

At one time I wished to retire as the Vinarterta Plum Fairy. And, maybe that will be true, but I am also inspired by my Icelandic ancestors to be a perpetual pioneer in all that I do.

The best way for a healthy business to succeed is when decisions are made to ensure that the product and services created are even more exceptional than before.

To me, that means more than making a better Vinarterta. It means reinforcing my belief in the positive power of the human spirit, doing all I can to bring more love and connection into everything we do, striving for greatness, always being considerate, and creating more beauty in the world.

The choice of an elegant sustainable design approach to what we do and how we respect traditional values and innovation simultaneously is at the core of the success of Vinarterta, and Arden Jackson.

What I believe we have achieved is:

  • Creating a successful online and event-based Vinarterta business that has served thousands.
  • Growing the reach and recognition of our Vinarterta with a simple, artisanal, handmade, made to order method, keeping it good and making it better with magnificent timeless results. 
  • Being of service to others by infusing products, services and events with consistent and dependable quality, love, meaning, connection, value and excellence.

I hope you will continue to enjoy a taste of where this delicious striped Icelandic cake is taking me and continue to join the adventure.

What is important to me is providing value to you. 

What I know is that it is the legacy wish of our ancestors that we all strive, thrive and arrive in the life of our choosing with everything we could ever want and be; loved from the inside out.

This is the message of Vinarterta. It is us. It connects our hearts and minds in a multilayered way. It is enduring and yet rebellious. It is pure love and pioneer spirit. It is who we are, and when we taste it and share it, we’re home.

Please help me continue the vision by making your highly valued significant contribution by ordering any of our products for delivery to you from ardenjackson.com and vinarterta.ca.

Thank you in advance for staying tuned as the new plan, method and way unfold. Your support is appreciated more than you know.

Your help, feedback and support, as always, is appreciated so very much. Please reach out anytime.

Arden Jackson

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