Delicious Apples Are Coming

The waiting is almost over. You know the feeling.

What is your cultural craving? What are you greatly anticipating this year?
The granddaughter of a dear friend shared a touching story at the memorial celebration for her Amma about her memory of waiting for a treat of deliciousness. She recalled looking forward to the arrival of the boxes of apples that would mean it was Christmas in Iceland.

She said “Dýrindis epli eru að koma,” Delicious apples are coming.

It was almost yesterday, but it could have been 100 years ago.

Imagine that only once a year you are allowed to hold a fresh apple in your hand. Feel the smooth skin, see the subtle variations in the colour and texture, and then lift it to your nose and inhale the fragrance. Now take a bite.

Imagine waiting for months and months for that rare and magical moment when you taste this beautiful, juicy, crunchy and sweet treasure which has travelled a great distance to your home. The time has arrived.

Imagine the feeling of happiness, emotional bliss and hope wrapped up in the gift of an apple.

Here in the north, just a short generation ago we only had oranges available at Christmas. Receiving an orange was a wildly anticipated and treasured treat in Canada. Do you remember going for the tangerine or mandarin orange in the toe of your Christmas stocking first?

Thanksgiving and Christmas can make us insufferable romantics and tap into our cultural cravings.

There is great power in our food memories and the anticipation of deliciousness on the way to us.

As the cool weather sets in, we have a natural tendency to harvest and prepare for winter. With our identities wrapped around food culture, we fall into a conversation around plans for holiday gatherings.

With the first frost particular cultural cravings for Vínarterta and Christmas cookies take a seasonal hold on the Icelandic heart.

Just thinking about them makes us hungry! (I’m really craving an apple at the moment, though.)

Everyone talks about food now. It is central to our identity. Our food values are evolving in a society that has a new mentality around culinary culture, the origin of raw materials, ingredients, environment and the subsequent effect on quality, health, nutrition, good flavours and communities.

Food is plentiful for us, yet more and more we are making choices that are socially responsible and create real connection.

Thank you Magga we miss you. Thank you for reminding us to enjoy the waiting and anticipation of something rare, beautiful and delicious.

Delicious apples are coming for Magga. What deliciousness is on the way to you?

I’m imagining the day coming soon when you will open your box of Vinarterta, unwrap it and inhale the sweet scent of vanilla and cardamom. And when you taste it, you’ll know you’re home.

New Christmas Cookies are coming!

I’ve created three new cookies for you (6 cookies per pack) which I hope you will enjoy.

Thanks for loving our new custom-roasted organic fairtrade Vinkonu Daughter of New Iceland coffee beans! A new box of has arrived!

Our New Pioneer Vinarterta is enjoying revisiting history.

Four layers. Traditional Plum Jam. Iced or Uniced.
It’s pure love and pioneer spirit created from a historic recipe.
Same high-quality ingredients. Same taste.

I promised you more about the original 1858 recipe but got caught up in thinking about Margrét. So next time…

Sending lots of love,

Arden Jackson

Arden Jackson