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Three Questions to Ask Your Amma (Grandmother)

Three Questions to Ask Your Amma (Grandmother) Do you have memories of favourite questions that you asked your Mother, Amma or Grandmother and their answers? When we think about our nurturers we remember them mostly from the point of view of our younger selves. We get wistful about how they made us feel, and inspired […]

Something New and Deep-Rooted

Our Celebrations today are about new and deep-rooted love. Something that shifts us subtly into hope and joy because it’s fresh and familiar at the same time. Something new but not too new is here. Easter Celebrations are paradoxical with the promise of the new and a reminder of the ancient love that binds us. […]

Vor = Spring! Time to Celebrate!

Vor = Spring! Time to Celebrate! It’s time to allow yourself to Celebrate!*  Are you eagerly thinking about planning food for gatherings, Weddings, Birthdays, Easter, and Mother’s Day like I am? This week the new Vinarterta Kitchen (I call her Vinkona) is cooking up Vinarterta, Kleinur, Icelandic Brown Bread, Rullupylsa, Hangikjot, (and Svid Sheep’s Heads […]

Two Cosy Changes for Christmas Vinarterta

We have Two Cosy Changes for Christmas Vinarterta Because you care about what’s in your Vinarterta, and because you want more than just any Vinarterta. Here’s where you can buy your Vinarterta for Christmas, Holidays, and Special Celebrations! Nothing is more delightful than baking for you and hearing your stories and experiences. Thank you! Order […]

A Real Viking Warrior has Powerfully Awoken

A Real Viking Warrior has Powerfully Awoken. The Real Valkyrie. If you’re like me you’ve imagined being her. …Or Viking Queen, from time to time. This new book is a must-read: ‘The Real Valkyrie: The Hidden History of Viking Warrior Women.’ In this compelling novel, Nancy Marie Brown makes Valkyries and shield-maids real through her […]

A Delicious Ghost (Kitchen) Story

Delivery has become the lifeblood of many businesses. Indeed it has always been ours. What is a Ghost Kitchen? This significant trend is also known as a dark kitchen or delivery-only or pick-up only kitchen is accelerating how food businesses are pivoting today. We’re not big, but we’re small…. We’ve been operating for ten years […]

Afi. He was a Fisherman

Afi. He was a Fisherman on Lake Winnipeg. When I think of Afi, I think of catfish, cribbage, children, and Christmas. Afi was all about focusing on priorities. When he faced a pandemic, I suspect that he did what he had always done. He would listen, make decisions, and take action to care for his […]

In Remembrance : Letter to Einar 1918

In Remembrance: Letter to Einar 1918 is to Einar Jóhannsson Stadfeld from his brother Hallgrímur Jóhannsson (Grímur) Stadfeld. It was in Halifax, Nova Scotia on September 22, 1918 during WW1 that these young men prepared for war, trained, competed in sports (those boys from the Riverton area were fast runners), dreamt and thought about home….. […]

Because 2020. Magnificence. No Matter What.

Because 2020. Magnificence. No Matter What. I’ve been noticing that great sunsets are happening now. And shorter days mean this year is almost done. The sun is setting on 2020. And, because 2020, more magnificence is absolutely mandatory. Since I’ve decided we’re making cake for Holidays and Christmas. (Já! Yes!) I’ve also decided to put […]