Where are the Icelanders? Show us some Icelanders!

“Where are the Icelanders? Show us some Icelanders.”

When the first Vínarterta-recipe-carrying Icelandic migrants arrived to settle in Canada in the 1870’s they were met with questions and assumptions about who they were!

“Even as the first migrants arrived in Manitoba, curious residents flocked to the docks demanding a display based on their own understanding of Icelanders’ place within established racial categories.

‘Some rushed aboard the ship and the barges and impatiently asked:

“Where are the Icelanders? Show us some Icelanders.”‘
‘John Taylor (the immigrant agent) obviously was the man to reply …”These are Icelanders. There you can see them.” But people didn’t believe him. They had expected to see people totally different. “We know what Icelanders look like,” they said, “they are short of stature, about four feet high, rather short and sturdy, long jet-black hair, a good deal like Eskimos! These are not Icelanders, they are white people.”
(Lindal, Walter J. 1967. The Icelanders in Canada) Exerpt: Laurie Bertram

In honour of this story and all things Icelandic we make Vínarterta! for you!

And, if you’re interested and curious about Icelanders and happen to be close to Toronto, buy your ticket for April 8 to attend our ‘Þorrablót TorontoÞing 2017′!

Where are the Icelanders? Where are the Canadians? Where are the Icelandic Canadians? They’ll be here:

Eat, Drink and be Merry! ‘Et, drekk og ver glaðr’!
Join us at Þorrablót TorontoÞing 2017′!

Here’s More!

Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday with us in Toronto on Saturday, April 8 for ‘Þorrablót TorontoÞing 2017’! Gather for some fun, some story telling sagas, songs and feasting! We proudly and playfully share our Icelandic ancestral roots, the routes of our ancestors and our blood connection to those first Europeans; those Vikings who discovered this country over one thousand years ago.

Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto’s Thorrablots are Legendary! Who will be there this year? What is happening?

  • Ambassador Sturla Sigurjónsson: Ambassador of Iceland to Canada will be sharing insights!
  • Linda Lundström: Legendary Canadian Fashion Icon will once again inspire as our Live Auctioneer!
  • Sigrún Stella Bessason: Icelandic and Canadian, and powerfully sweet singer-songwriter will perform from her new album.
  • Lindy Vopnfjörð: Our masterful master of the program and famous Icelandic Canadian singer-songwriter will orchestrate an evening of sagas and songs, and perform from his new album. (Lindy is making music, and making the news with his latest here: Listen to ‘Darkness is the Day’ and see more: About Lindy in the Winnipeg Free Press
  • Traditional Icelandic and Canadian Food Buffet! Catered by Arden Jackson’s Team Thorrablot and Birches Catering
  • All Proceeds to Youth Scholarships and Grants from our Live and Silent Auction!
  • All ages Entertainment Program and Storied Sagas of Settlement Across Canada!
  • Supervised Children’s Area!
  • Free Parking!

‘Join us at Þorrablót TorontoÞing 2017’!

Buy your Early Þorrablót TorontoÞing 2017 Tickets before February 17! (There are no event day ticket sales! We sell out early every year!)

We’ll show you Icelanders! We’ll show you Canadians! We’ll show you how Icelandic Canadians Eat, Drink and Be Merry! ‘Et, drekk og ver glaðr’ with us!

Þorrablót TorontoÞing 2017 Saturday, April 8
THE LATVIAN CENTRE 4 Credit Union Drive. Toronto, ON, M4A2N8

Forréttir Starters and Cash Bar 6:00 PM – Hlaðborð Icelandic Canadian Buffet at 7:30 PM  – Free Parking

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P.S. There will be Hangikjöt Smoked Lamb, Rúllupylsa Rolled Spice Lamb, Fresh Roasted Lamb, Graflax Cured Salmon, Smoked Salmon, Fresh Poached Salmon, Grilled Chicken, Variety of Vegetarian Options, Salads, Fresh Breads. Many delicious specialty desserts including Pönnukökur, Kleinur, and so much more! (And of course Vínarterta!)

P.S.S. (Order Vínarterta for pick up at the event!)

P.S.S.S. Photo Credit: Icelandic float at Winnipeg’s 50th Anniversary parade, 1924. Photo: Eyrarbakki Icelandic Heritage Centre, Hnausa, Manitoba.