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A Real Viking Warrior has Powerfully Awoken

A Real Viking Warrior has Powerfully Awoken. The Real Valkyrie. If you’re like me you’ve imagined being her. …Or Viking Queen, from time to time. This new book is a must-read: ‘The Real Valkyrie: The Hidden History of Viking Warrior Women.’ In this compelling novel, Nancy Marie Brown makes Valkyries and shield-maids real through her […]

Gleðilegt sumar! Happy summer!

Gleðilegt sumar! Happy summer! You’ve survived the long hard winter once again and now it’s summer according to the Icelandic calendar. Warm days are tickets to happiness on our mothership móðir jórð (mother earth). As she moves us through this viral time reminiscent of 1876 and 1918 we are humbled and ever hopeful that we […]

Where are the Icelanders? Show us some Icelanders!

“Where are the Icelanders? Show us some Icelanders.” When the first Vínarterta-recipe-carrying Icelandic migrants arrived to settle in Canada in the 1870’s they were met with questions and assumptions about who they were! “Even as the first migrants arrived in Manitoba, curious residents flocked to the docks demanding a display based on their own understanding […]

Arden Jackson