Vinarterta. It is us.

Vinarterta. It is us., I thought.

And with that thought I knew what I had the opportunity to create, and was ready to make it happen.

Others said my best ideas were behind me. You’ve heard them too.

My story started with the recognition of the true message of our beloved Christmas cake. Vinarterta. It is us.

It all started with the second recognition that there was a need for a business with the simple mission of making Vinarterta.

It all started with the third realization that I must use the recipe for making my Amma’s Vinarterta and create a method for sharing cake and its cultural and culinary brilliance with as many people as possible through an online business.

The goal was to make it great by elevating every ingredient to a premium level. Through disciplined technical handmade preparation a highly regarded and exceptionally tasty Vinarterta was created.

The concept of a bakery that made only one cake shipped by mail was initially laughed at.

Others said my best ideas were behind me.

Others said that it would not be accepted, as there is so much argument between families about it.

Others said that everyone thought that they owned it, and no one would buy it.

Others said it was too expensive and people wouldn’t pay for the time it took to make it.

Others said they wanted to be first in line to own one I made for them.

Já! Yes! I followed the energy of those who lived in appreciation of the first bite they had yet to take.

And then the most wonderful thing happened. They came back for more.

Not listening to others who are naysayers is best when you know what you want.

Great things have happened as I persisted and continued to take action in the direction of my dreams.

The friendships I have made and the community that has been created are wonderful. Thank you!

Vinarterta has now become better known than it ever was and appreciated as a commercial venture with a loyal and enthusiastic following. Thank you!

Thousands of orders for Vinarterta have been shipped across North America and Internationally. Thank you!

More important is that the coherent Vinarterta message of pure love and pioneer spirit synonymous with Icelandic North American culture has strengthened the connection between those of Icelandic descent here and in Iceland according to the feedback I have received.

I beleive that my best ideas are ahead of me. As are yours.

Thank you is not enough. I have great appreciation for your support and love as we prepare for the next generation of our business. Please know that I need you!

Vinarterta is us. Together.

Sending love,

Arden Jackson

P.S. We’re moving. Order deadline September 30, 2019 at midnight.

P.S. To ideas, seizing opportunities and perfect outcomes.