Becoming Vinarterta

Becoming Vinarterta, the pure love and pioneer spirit of the North American Icelandic heart took time.

“It takes a long time to fully become who you are.” says Björk.

Vinarterta is still in the process of becoming.

We are honoured to be a part of the becoming of Vinarterta in our generation.

Much love remains evident in the making and championing of our precious Icelandic cake infused with that not-so-secret first ingredient.

Stacked with fragrant cookies, family and connection.

And iced with giving and receiving.

You have supported us in time and space to cure and commingle an exceptional idea that retains superb form in striped deliciousness and at community gatherings.

You have shown appreciation for simple ingredients, straight forwardness and quirky uniqueness.
You have inspired us to create magnificent timeless results, with handmade intention and shipping boxes.

You are us, and the joy of it. Já! Yes! Vínarterta!

It takes a long time to fully become who we are, together.

Thank you!
Our business is moving so we’re giving ourselves time to make it happen and to become something more.

What stays the same is our method which incorporates only premium ingredients gathered together with love and handmade care.

After seven years of making we have brought our storied cake to you, and to many beloved customers and events.
And now it is time for us to imagine a new way of providing service to you, and our tribe.

We are accepting orders only until September 30 at midnight.

To becoming. Thank you with great appreciation for your support and love.

Sending love and smiles,

Arden Jackson

P.S. All the best to you!! To taking time to make things really good.

Last Day to Order Vinarterta in 2019 is September 30!
(We’re calling it Christmas in September.)

We’re moving and our business is changing so the tough decision has been made to close orders on September 30, 2019 or when our capacity is at the maximum, which ever comes first.

We hope to have a new facility to accommodate growth if we can make it happen in 2020.

Orders will be shipped in September and October. So don’t delay!
(Please specify your preferred delivery date on your order.)

Order now for Christmas, Special Events, Your Personal Stash or Just Because.

Vinarterta excels at maintaining excellence in the freezer. (If it makes it there 🙂

We will be filling orders until our capacity is reached.

More soon. In the mean time get those orders in! (And thanks to the many who have already placed their orders!)

Love our Customers!