Vinarterta is Seven!

Vinarterta is Seven!

Did you know that our Vinarterta venture was launched on June 6, 2012?

  • To expand in love and pioneer spirit through sharing the cultural and culinary experience of

Vinarterta The Delicious Striped Icelandic Cake™

  • To keep the cake really good.

(And perhaps to retire as the Vinarterta plum fairy.)

I had objectives, not a plan or specific goals. My intentions were good.

We’re so thankful for you! We wouldn’t be here without you.
Would love to celebrate by asking for your feedback!

Vinarterta is a quirky business mostly because it didn’t start with a bakery at its core, but with a desire to serve others by expressing the essence of who we are today as people of Icelandic descent… in the form of a cake.

Through an online business and events we offered up connection with Icelandicness and pioneer spirit with unique style through an exceptional interpretation of our traditional cake.

Vinarterta is iconic. And it certainly is more than a cake. It continues to embody the stories of our age from a position of love and possibility as an access point for celebration of home, family and community.

Through recreating and sharing our much-loved cake with disciplined action as an enterprise at once honours our past and represents the evolved incarnation of our ancestors.

Vinarterta has influence, and the business results have been amazing.

Connections with people across North America, Iceland and beyond with whom we are honoured to have as customers continue to delight and excite.

The first priority was and is still today to expand cultural and culinary tourism through the experience of Vinarterta as a symbolic expression of Icelandic North American culture.

What objectives will support growth of the Vinarterta business?

Keeping Vinarterta the main thing and the cake really good was my founding objective. Retiring soon as the Vinarterta plum fairy is a distant option.

We’re enjoying the process of evaluating and deconstructing why and what we do, and how we do it, and reinventing as needed.

It’s not time based, it’s not money based. It’s based on providing value to people.

Committing to daily action, not an outcome has worked for our unconventional Vinarterta enterprise to cultivate staying power and a mental state of positivity and optimism so far.

Without larger engagement the Vinarterta venture may get stuck at the level of a sideline. So evolve it must.

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Sending lots of love,
Arden Jackson

P.S. Seven Years. Wow.
P.S.S. Of course, It all comes with
 the cold water. (If one is patient, things will and do fall into place.)