Dear Dad,

Dear Dad,

I found myself thinking about you today
both magnanimously and with thankfulness,
how I remember you best.

You are legendary, mythological and awe-inspiring,
well known and loved just like Vínarterta.

And like that notorious cake,
renowned for your role as a descendant of Pioneers.

You are tidy, technical and tenacious and appreciated for good taste.

Chosen for the most important role at gatherings,
and derived from great Germanic Tribes
you are a supreme warrior adventuring to places others dare not.

Challenging the values of the new world and
changing the way Iceland views emigrants forever,
you are amongst the greatest of all of us.

As a most revered immortal one by the Gods
you move in an unrelenting quest for a wondrous and unique expression.

Reputation, acceptance and fame spreads your influence.

As leader of a prolific and prosperous generation
you are a champion of equality, women’s and children’s rights and education.

You encourage conversation and lively debate
around the most important issues.

You inspire handsomeness, beauty,
love, wisdom and good health.

A great story teller
you are paradoxically poetical and magical
unlocking mysteries of the universe and healing.

You are brave, just, kind, fair and a protector of humanity and nature.

Family, friends and community aspire to feast with you.

You are better and more reliable than Norse Gods,
strong, relentless and vulnerable,
soft-hearted around family and friends.

Considered a true standard for conduct,
a family trailblazer,
a leading light,
and remembered fondly.

You are like Vínarterta just as surely as any other.

Sending lots of love,


P.S. Of course in keeping with tradition on this Father’s Day I have Vínarterta for you, Dad. Couldn’t resist comparing you to our beloved cake today, just for fun.

P.S.S. I have the Cold Brew Coffee Kit you asked for too.

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