Sweet to the eye is that which is seen.

Sweet to the eye is that which is seen. Oh! Summer celebrations! There are so many!

Those time tested Strawberry Festivals, games, races and picnics where food is the central attraction seems to transcend both generations and country borders.

I’m imagining a picnic or an old fashion style Strawberry Social with a long line of white tablecloths spread on the grass under the shade of trees, where a sumptuous supper consisting of sandwiches, salads, cakes, tarts and pies are laid out.

There are huge jugs of lemonade with ice and lemon rings floating on the top and urns of fresh coffee. A gathering of friends has cleaned four crates of strawberries and there are bowls of whipped cream chilling in the coolers and stacks of pönnukökur, dainties and Vínarterta.

Each family has brought a basket with glasses, plates and cutlery and games for the kids and more drinks and food to share. I can hear the chatter, the laughter, and the joy, feel the warmth of the sun, and taste summer in every bite.

Seeing family and friends relaxing and sharing, singing and story telling, and children playing as they do are simply and wonderfully sweet sights.

(Even the sunburn is sweet.)

Sweet to the eye is that which is seen. 
– Icelandic Saying

Happy Independence Day to our USA friends!

Happy Summer! Gleðilegt sumar!

Sending lots of love and vinarterta,

Arden Jackson

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