Survival Skills

What are your winter survival skills for 2018?

For some like Fred, between skates on a frozen lake, riding a fat bike, following animal tracks and listening to the birds in Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, it is a piece of Vínarterta and a virtual chat with colleagues from the heart of the snowy wilderness. His advice is to ‘Stay Calm, Be Brave, Eat Cake’.

Survival skills required now differ quite a bit from those required of our ancestors. The one thing that is the same however is the importance of the skilled use of our mind and hands. Then and now, practiced hands transform raw materials with the elements of fire, water, metal, and earth into beautiful functional things to eat, to wear, to work with, to live in, to travel by. There are natural laws that make it possible for us to explore, create, source, predict, practice and repeat successful processes.

Do your winter survival skills include a quest and desire for meaningful designs and decoration, edible, wearable, and life enhancing creations? For many people, a search for places that offer cultural connection is a constant pursuit.

Complex things become simple and simple things become extraordinary because we make them so. Limited regional access to things has expanded in the most dizzying and yet simple way. Search and find is less about walking, running, riding or sailing to it, and more about the piece of technology in your hands and your ability to use it.

Rather than spending your life honing a skill it is easy to explore and find someone who is doing just the thing you desire, and have it delivered directly to you. What a wonderous world of magnificent creators we live in.

It’s winter in Canada. And nothing is better than a mid winter festival. The Fire of Ice Festival at the Alton Mills Arts Centre in Alton, Ontario is this weekend on January 20 and 21. Celebrating the outdoors and indoor arts, there is skating and hockey on the Millpond, an after-dusk fire sculpture, artistic pursuits and classes, artists works, fibre design and fashion. And of course Vinarterta.

A celebration of all things Icelandic will appear in the form of Vinarterta, high fashion outerwear by Linda Lundstrom’s Thermakota and Vodka samples from Reyka Vodka. We’re going to have lot of fun. (Surviving…)

We’re looking forward to catering another Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto’s Thorrablot on April 7. (While Thorrablot is known as a mid winter festival we bypass the unpredictable weather and serve it up in Spring.)

What are you winter survival skills? I’m sure they are wonderful and extraordinary. Enjoy.

“Stay Calm. Be Brave. Eat Cake!” – Fred Sheppard

Sending lots and lots of love,

Arden Jackson