The Dream Begins….

Here’s a lovely thought!: The dream begins in the same place that the dream comes true.

What is your Christmas Wish? Where does your dream begin? When you drill down to your heart’s desire, does it include an experience of love and connection?

When I think of you, I see you as part of something special and experiencing a real connection with others. A place of shared humanity, trust, respect, and love is yours.

And in that place, your chosen family and tribe is recognizing and celebrating kinship to each other by a power greater than all of us. Connected to that power and to one another, you are grounded in love, compassion, appreciation, and joy. (You really are!)

I see you free to express your individuality and confident to be seen as your authentic self. I see you bringing the joy to your dream with a celebration of being and belonging, for yourself and others.

In a world of sometimes difficult realities, that open embracing heart of yours is a gift!

My dream begins with an appreciation for you and what connects us all together. And it expands to deep gratitude for everything all around and within us, for family, friends and shared humanity.

I dream of a strong spiritual connection with others made real in your life today and always. (And that everything else you wish for comes true too.)

It may be sappy and sentimental, yet I believe, and I’m excited for you knowing that your dream of dreams and your Christmas Wish is on it’s way to you.

Sending lots and lots of love, and Vinarterta!

Arden Jackson