Runes on Sticks!

How did the Norse Express their Love? With poetry of course, and Runes on Sticks!

Old Norse Love notes inscribed on Rune Sticks have survived for a 1000 years. Yup, here’s your last minute idea to add to the chocolates and roses. You can carve your beloved’s name or a loving note on a stick! (There’s a Rune Converter below.)

What a testament to our lasting heritage of expressing romantic love! These examples found in Bergen, Norway from the National Library of Norway Collection use the alphabet characters used for writing in the Germanic and Scandinavian areas from 200 AD, including Iceland after 800, until approximately 1200 AD.


Mun þú mik,
man ek þik.
Unn þú mér,
ann ek þér.

Remember me,
I remember you.
Love me,
I love you.

And check out this cool Rune Converter to spell the names of your beloved in Runes!

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