Seven Different Kinds of Weather

‘There are seven different kinds of weather on one autumn night.’ Says an Icelandic Saying. I’m feeling the cold rain under the grey sky and longing to stay in for a warm gathering of friends and coffee. I’m even game for celebrating with another Thanksgiving feast. Do you feel that way?

I’m imagining you visiting on this cool changeable fall weather day when the fire is burning bright and warm, and we can sit and talk. I’m thinking about making Pönnukökur, thin and delicate, rolled with brown sugar and folded in quarters and filled with jam and whipped cream. I can smell the sweet pancakes in the air mixing with the fresh coffee already as I anticipate your arrival. Of course, this is lots to eat, and yet I’m thinking we really need at least seven different things for our afternoon coffee. So I’ll add some Brown Bread, Cheese, Rúllupylsa, Vínarterta and maybe a bit of fruit.

At 4 pm most days in Riverton, Manitoba at Amma’s house there would be a visitor or two added to the family all around. It was customary that Amma would bake something fresh in the afternoon for kaffitimi. It was a time to stop, talk, catch up on the news, reflect on the day, tell stories, laugh and enjoy each others’ company.

It’s a dream really. In our busy lives, we don’t seem to do much spontaneous visiting anymore. It is unlikely that you would find many folks home at 4 pm enjoying their coffee and fresh fare made waiting for you to stop by. It was a slower simpler time with no less work done, and much more local and family connection. I’m sentimentally thinking how much life balance was created in an hour. Is it time to intentionally make time?

The wonder of Autumn is its beauty and transformational power. The blazing colours give way with the wind to spots of green and yellow leaves left on the exposed tree limbs, burnished grasses blowing. Everything is glossy with rain one minute, and dry, windy or snowing the next. A beautiful hike in the sun or reading by the fire are gorgeous options. Coffee with friends, maybe feasting is the thing to do? Making time for a simple event filled with food is perfect for these seven different kinds of weather.

So I’m sending my best wishes to friends near and far for the enjoyment of a magnificent cozy coffee time with friends. And for abundant Thanksgiving Feasting happening soon in the US. Let’s make time for embracing the seven different kinds of weather and busy-ness in our lives with some simple gatherings.

I’ll be making Pönnukökur and Vínarterta, putting the coffee on and thinking of you.

Sending lots of love,

Arden Jackson