Home is not where you live.

If home is not where you live. Where is it?

There is a big difference between feeling at home and being home. The heart and mind bind together what we know as people and family, place and belonging, shelter and protection, objects and connection. Our emotions and the experience of our senses attach meaning to habitat and call it home.

I think of ‘being home’ as experiencing and remembering moments of happiness, appreciation, love and understanding.

When I first held my now deceased husband’s hand I had a powerful sense of being home. When we were together, where ever we were, I felt it. Even though he has been gone for twenty years I can summon up that place of being. It’s a clear all-encompassing sense of seeing and being seen that I can feel too with my children, family, with special friends, and sometimes complete strangers.

Home is a sense of knowing and understanding that is quiet, deep and filled with energy, alignment, and connection.

A house is just a house. Home is home, and everything else is not home. When I am lost and lonely in my thoughts, and I approach that place between all the others that I call home a shift happens. What is familiar and wrapped in meaning is transformed in ways no one else can see.

Perhaps where a house becomes a home is a feeling. It is a sensation of being a part of something, of experiencing a magnetic fit within and with others. It is a real and virtual place of comfort, shared trust, respect, and love. And more than that, an inner place of a deep heartfelt sense of seeing, being seen, belonging and being understood.

Creating a sense of home and connection with others is at the heart of our Vínarterta business. It means taking risks and being honest about aspiring to do one thing really well that connects hearts and minds in an ever-changing cultural landscape. Happily, striving to make something unique and familiar available to as many people as possible has created community and a sense of home for those who seek it.

Just as with family and friends, accepting we are doing our best, allowing ourselves to be seen, telling our stories so that others will know us better is important. Sharing the joy and the pain of our shared history is powerful in enabling others to know they are not alone and that they are seen too.

Being home. It really is a state of being. Feeling at home is just not the same. It is the difference between a deep knowing and the superficial warmth of the sun. It is where I think of you being held in your lovers’ arms, your family running to greet you at the door, the listening ears and caring words of a dear friend, a safe and cozy place to reflect on the good, the bad, the struggles and the gains.

Home is not where you live. Home is where they understand you. And sometimes, the taste and experience of favourite foods that are filled with happy memories can take you there.

Sending lots and lots of love,

Arden Jackson order@ardenjackson.com