The Viking Immigrants Icelandic North Americans

Just think about the dynamic proliferation of our people and culture over the last 150 years! (Not just the Icelanders!) In 1944 Halldór (Dori) Guðjón Jónsson Eastman’s family celebrated his 70th Birthday in Riverton, Manitoba and they could barely fit everyone in the picture. Dori was a toddler when he arrived in Canada. In the […]

As you like it

“And this our life exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brook, sermons in stones, and good in everything”. –    Shakespeare, ‘As You Like It’ Act 2 Scene 1 Forest of Arden I’m at home surrounded by forest. It’s a quiet and beautiful place to be. Yet even town streets […]

Just lean into the crack

‘If you wake up and the day feels broken just lean into the crack.’ – Björk We’re in a different world right now and what we need for ourselves, and others are for us to lean in. We’re not going back. That thing-that-shall-not-be-named has ushered in a massive evolution calling for reset and balance. We’re […]

Calla Lilies Dessert Recipe

Calla Lilies Dessert Recipe Calla Lilies Desserts are easy to make sweet little elegant indulgences from Nýja Ísland í Kanada. (New Iceland in Canada). I can’t remember an Easter without these lovely treats. Calla Lily flowers are loaded with meaning and commonly used in Easter services and Funerals to represent resurrection and rebirth. Used at […]

Icelandic Brown Bread

Vinarterta Tribe Tactic: Bake! Here’s our traditional family recipe for Icelandic Brown Bread. Brúnt Brauð has a special sweetness, lightness, and density. I love to make it entirely by hand and enjoy the process! This is a bread that connects directly with the heart of Icelanders in North America. A must-have, lightly buttered, (divine toasted) […]

Vinarterta Tribe Tactic

Here’s a Vinarterta Tribe Tactic. A little light-heartedness for you today. Tertavaccine, n.: – a cake designed to detect fears of viruses and inactivate them. When an evolving pandemic is upfront in the news perhaps overcoming fear is one of the greatest moves a person can make. Fear is caused by not knowing. Fear stops […]

Squirrel! Order Vinarterta Cake Delivery

(Made ya look!) Order Vinarterta Cake Delivery! There are no squirrels in Iceland. So the joke of startling someone, usually a pet, into action (by saying ‘Squirrel’) when a Squirrel appears may not work there. It definitely works at our house. There’s still lots of snow on the ground and there are lots of squirrels […]

Vinarterta. It is us.

Vinarterta. It is us., I thought. And with that thought I knew what I had the opportunity to create, and was ready to make it happen. Others said my best ideas were behind me. You’ve heard them too. My story started with the recognition of the true message of our beloved Christmas cake. Vinarterta. It […]

Becoming Vinarterta

Becoming Vinarterta, the pure love and pioneer spirit of the North American Icelandic heart took time.
 “It takes a long time to fully become who you are.” says Björk. Vinarterta is still in the process of becoming. We are honoured to be a part of the becoming of Vinarterta in our generation. Much love […]