Vinarterta. Live and Let Live.

Vinarterta. You used to say Live and Let Live. (You know you did. You know you did. You know you did.)

Was life easier when you were young and your heart was an open book?
And now in this ever-changing world do you yearn for time to stand still, or slow down for just a moment? Do you look for easier ways to create some timeless tasteful memories for friends and family that match up with what you really want?
As the holiday season approaches, do you anticipate Christmas and all of the muchness with excitement, or groan at the thought of it? Maybe, you’re feeling a bit of both?
Do you desire an innovative approach to traditions that inspire the joy of food and taste with an affinity for high quality, purity, freshness, simplicity, health and well-being?
We’re with you. We are here to help you.
We have Vinarterta, Yummy Baked Goods, Hangikjöt Smoked Lamb, Rúllupylsa Rolled Spiced Lamb Shoulder and Imported Icelandic Omnom Chocolate and Nordur Salt Arctic Sea Salt and more.
Start Shopping or Call Toll Free in North America 855 518 8100.
(Live and Let Live. Don’t give in and cry.)
Sending lots and lots of love,
P.S. Thanks Paul McCartney