These things are thought the best:

Mock not the traveler met on the road,
Nor maliciously laugh at the guest:
Scoff not at guests nor to the gate chase them,
But relieve the lonely and the wretched.

Never laugh at the old when they offer counsel,
Often their words are wise:
From shriveled skin, from scraggy things
That hang among the hides
And move amid the guts,
Clear words often come.

With a good woman, if you wish to enjoy
Her words and her good-will,
Pledge her fairly and be faithful to it:
Enjoy the good you are given.

These things are thought the best:
Fire, the sight of the sun,
Good-health with the gift to keep it,
And a life that avoids vice.                              (Well, maybe not all vice….)!

– from Hávamál ´Words of the High One´  – (Word of God Odin)


Here’s our pick for THE ICELAND TOUR OF 2017! ( Last chance! Book before April 1!) An incredibly rare and wonderful opportunity for an amazing trip to Iceland guided personally by THE authority on the Viking Age Nancy Marie Brown.

Sagas & Vikings Historic Trip!
MAY 26 – JUNE 1, 2017
Join author Nancy Marie Brown for an educational trip through the scenes and sagas that have inspired her many books on Iceland’s medieval history (Ivory Vikings, Song of the Vikings, and The Far Traveler), her young adult novel, The Saga of Gudrid the Far-Traveler, and her memoir about buying horses in Iceland, A Good Horse Has No Color.

This is the perfect tour for the first-time visitor to Iceland. Based on the horse farm of Stadarhus near Borgarnes, tour locations will include Thingvellir, Reykholt, Snaefellsnes, and the Borgarfjord region. Guided by Nancy herself.

Visit saga museums and saga sites. Discuss the history behind the sagas and how Norse mythology has shaped popular culture. Explore hotsprings, volcanoes, caves, waterfalls, and black beaches in a part of Iceland where every hillside has a story. Meet the Icelandic horse and learn why “a good horse has no color.”

For the adventurous, optional horseback riding lessons and trail rides will be available at an additional charge.

Nancy Marie Brown has studied Icelandic literature and culture since 1978. “I like extremes,” she writes: “Science and sagas. History and fantasy. The Dark Ages and modern times. Fire and ice. My books combine extremes. They ask, What have we overlooked? What have we forgotten? What knowledge must not be lost?”

Brown lives in northern Vermont, where she keeps four Icelandic horses and an Icelandic sheepdog. Visit her online at

Click here for more: sagas_vikings2017_flyer_high

Wishing you:

Fire, the sight of the sun,
Good-health with the gift to keep it,
And a life that avoids vice.                    (Well, maybe not all vice….)!

Arden Jackson