Feed your Vikings!

Is this what happens when you feed YOUR Vikings?

Does it seem to you that the people of this generation could be championed more as mythological Norse giants from Jötunheim rather than humans of Midgard?

Do you think it could be that the true measure of success of the Icelandic Pioneers in North America is the sheer size and abundant health of the growing generations of their offspring? The net result of great traditions, discipline and evidence of triumph is standing right in front of us.

Great victory over adversity is even shown in the size of the smiles on their faces!  Yes, this generation is different. (Some of them are very tall, indeed).

They are smart, fit and strong. No, they are not fire or ice giants. They are human. They are not perfect. They are the evolving happy children of courageous hard working and loving families on their own personal adventures to seek and find their place in this great world by their own chosen standards.

Go ahead and feel proud! Feel lucky! You deserve it! You are a part of this amazing generation.

Já! Yes! Of course our theory is that they eat Vínarterta! (Sometimes they eat a few other things.) It’s an important ritual tradition that works to share the love, health and success that we love to share!

Feed your Vikings! Feed your humans! Feed your giants!

(We’re here to help you!)

Sending lots and lots of love,

Arden Jackson

P.S. In just 6 weeks it will be Easter on Sunday, April 16. It’s a great time for planning how you will feed your Vikings, humans, giants, friends and family. Of course, it’s a busy time in the Vínarterta kitchen and we want to make sure you have what you need. Click Here to Order!

P.S.S. It’s a great time to order. Vínarterta happily cures and actually keeps getting better for up to for 3 weeks in the Refrigerator and 3-6 months in the Freezer!