Summardagurinn fyrsti! Happy First Day of Summer!

It’s Summardagurinn fyrsti! Happy First Day of Summer!

In the old Norse Calendar there is Summer and Winter. That’s it!

Marking the rotation of the sun and moon as shared by only two seasons makes sense. Did you know that human time on earth used to be counted in winters rather than years?

In Canada we can relate. Snow in April, and warm breezes in November are expected. Overnight here the temperature was freezing and expected to be a high of 15 degrees today. Our average is right on track with this forecast. We are feeling the sun. The length of visible light here will be 14 hours and 55 minutes today and tomorrow will be 2 minutes and 44 seconds longer.

In Iceland today on April 25 it is Summardagurinn fyrsti where the first day of summer falls on the first Thursday after April 18. In Reykjavik, Iceland the temperature was 7 degrees overnight and will be 19 degrees today. Usually they experience a low of 2 and a high of 6 degrees. The length of visible light there is 18 hours and 12 minutes and tomorrow will be 6 minutes and 39 seconds longer.

Weather is changeable, but one thing stays the same, and that is our shared longing for sun and warm days of summer.

We can’t think of a better way to manifest the best of long sunny days than with an early celebration of summer, where ever you are, filled with family, friends, and great food.
Hope you had a wonderful Easter. It is perfect as a defining line for the change of seasons. We are thankful for the high number of orders for our new Cranberry and Rhubarb Vinarterta along with lots of Traditional Plum shipped speedily across Canada and the US.

Over the weekend we gathered family and friends including 17 cousins to celebrate a beloved Riverton, Manitoba Icelander, Mom, Amma and Auntie’s 90th Birthday. The sun was warm and high, the smell of the BBQ grilling goodness at full tilt was divine, and the dessert table was filled with sweetness.

Next up is Mother’s Day May 12, and Father’s Day June 16. We love excuses to rally friends and family again. Of course we’ll likely come up with other reasons too.

We look forward to shipping and sharing some of our Summer and Winter love any time.

(Order by May 1 for Mother’s Day!)

Happy Summardagurinn fyrsti! Happy First Day of Summer!

Sending love,

Arden Jackson

P.S. Click here for the link to our new Cranberry Rhubarb Vinarterta.

P.S.S. Congratulations on another Winter!