Something beautiful awaits!

“Something beautiful awaits.”
– Hávamál

Assurance that ‘something beautiful awaits’ is good news. (Odin calls it true. Right?)

Sorry I’ve been out of touch for so long. I think I’ve just been waiting….

Is it here yet? Yes, maybe and no. Depends on how you look at it. Never in my life has ‘that something’ been so elusive, mysterious and hungered for.

What I planned for 2020 hasn’t happened. Maybe it’s the same for you?

A lot has stayed the same, and many things have shifted in unexpectedly wonderful ways.

What I’ve noticed mostly is that everything seems to have a flip side. Like wanderlust. I’ve got it bad. I love being at home, but oh how I long to ramble and roam.

Which got me thinking, and pressing play on Svavar Knútur singing his gorgeous song ‘Wanderlust’. It has new meaning now. See the link to the video below.

‘Ain’t it hard to have a home
When all you’re longing for
Is to ramble and roam.’

If you’re feeling eager and excited to plan new adventures, and simultaneously melancholy and doubtful, I hear you.

If you’re longing to launch out from your cosy retreat from COVID to discover what that next ‘something’ is, and yet uncomfortable, know you’re not alone.

If you’re all in, and at the same time totally done, with the concepts of waves and pivoting in your life and business we’re part of a ginormous cohort together.

If you’re fed up with, and at the same time happy, about hiding out behind your permanently half-covered face, then you’ve embraced the so-called new normal.

If you’re planning a smallish Thanksgiving celebration with trepidation (and joy), then we’re together on that too.

Priorities and decision making locally and globally is in wake up call mode.

In a time of change everything can look different, and better. And maybe even wonderful when you trust that something beautiful awaits.

So while I work at waiting, I’ve decided to make more cake. And yes, there will be turkey and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Not messing with the good stuff. No surprise, you say?

 Sending lots and lots of love,

Arden Jackson

P.S. And the Nordur Salt and OMNOM Chocolate have arrived! Just had to…..:)
P.S.S. Found a beautiful affordable Pönnukökur Pan to share.
P.S.S.S. Canada Post is OK at the moment, but expect shipping delays.