Let us Eat!

‘Let Us Eat!’ Says everyone as the table is set with favourite Holiday Fare.

As the cool weather sets in, we have a natural tendency to harvest and prepare for winter. With our identities wrapped around food culture, we fall into a conversation around plans for holiday gatherings. With the first frost particular cultural cravings for Vínarterta, and for millennia-old traditional foods like smoked and cured lamb Hangikjöt and Rúllupylsa take a seasonal hold on the Icelandic heart. Just thinking about them makes us hungry!

Everyone talks about food now. Food is central to our identity. Our food values are evolving in a society that has a new mentality around food culture, origin of raw materials, ingredients, environment and subsequent effect on quality, health, nutrition, good flavours and communities.

Culinary methods in home kitchens and restaurants are transforming in response to outside influences and internal desires. There is no one right way of doing. In times of celebration, and particularly at Christmas, there is a predominant desire to define who we are through our culinary choices which put us back in touch with our family, home, ancestors, the landscape, and its history.

What we know is that the Icelandic food craved by our customers is time-tested over 140 years in North America, and evolved over hundreds of years in Iceland. What seems to be important now is about obtaining food crafted from trusted sources with the best quality ingredients, preparation methods, freshness, taste, and value.

It is our intention to provide you with the highest quality handmade Vínarterta available, traditional Icelandic products and a great customer experience. If we can be of any assistance to help you with your holiday planning, please do not hesitate to call. We love to talk to our customers and satisfying your cultural food cravings!

Thanks in advance for your holiday orders!

Sending lots of love,

Arden Jackson


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P.S. Thanks to Thermaköta founders Mosha and Sophie Lundström Halbert for featuring our Vínarterta on their Trunk Show Tour in Toronto, Dublin, Milan and Reykjavik!

P.S.S. Our Hangikjöt Smoked Bonelss Lamb Leg and Rúllupylsa Rolled Spiced Lamb Shoulder are custom prepared for us in Limited Quantities for the Holidays. Order Soon! Ships only to Canadian Destinations.

P.S.S. We look forward to making your Vínarterta all year through!