Keeper of the Heart, Keeper of Home

Here is a saga. It’s a story of thanksgiving honouring those special people in our lives who are Keepers of the Heart, Keepers of Home, and the magnificence of unconditional love.

Is there anything that creates more longing than the loss of a loved one? How is immediate mental transportation into melancholy, reminiscence, homesickness and pain even surmountable? In time, perhaps the magnificence of someone can be evoked as the endless self that they really are, apart from us. I felt the aching sadness when my mother called to say her sister had died. I thought of her wisdom, connection, and love. And then, I remembered a little blue and grey cardboard jewelry box.

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Keeper of the Heart, Keeper of Home

In the photo: A younger me and my Amma, Anna Eastman Sigvaldason (1905-1986)

Sending love,

Arden Jackson