Land of the Midnight Sun : A Cultural and Culinary Experience in Hillsburgh, Ontario

Land of the Midnight Sun : A Cultural and Culinary Experience in Hillsburgh, Ontario
at The Friendly Chef Adventure Restaurant
Thursday, August 4, 2016

Chef Pam Fanjoy, Winner of Chopped Canada, and Guest Chef Arden Jackson forge a new connection to bring you a taste of the Icelandic heart as they create a culinary and cultural adventure inspired by the land of the midnight sun in seven courses.

$65 Prix Fixe Seven Courses. Plus Drinks. Call for Reservations: 519 308 0900

Velkominn! “Welcome!”

To wondering questions
and wandering for a while
in the land of connection.
telling stories,
being in the moment,
and sharing
and good luck in everything
under the midnight sun.

Drykkur Drinks
The Mjölnir Thor’s Hammer
Pine Infused Whiskey Wacked Ginger Beer

The Freyja Warrior Goddess
Cedar Infused Gin Empassioned Blueberry Lemonade

Arden’s Land of the Midnight Sun Menu

Velkominn ‘Welcome’
Here’s to gathering and connecting with the taste of warm seasons and friendship.
Assembled Vegetables, Fruits, Cheeses, Herbs, Spices and Edible Flowers on a Shared Platter

Let’s Tala Talk
With vibrant moments of curiosity.
A Wink of Watermelon, Feta, Olive, Mint, Balsamic Reduction

It’s Súmar Nuna Summer Now
In storied gardens under the midnight sun.
Young Mixed Greens, Dill and Seasonal Vegetables Wearing a Viking Goddess Dress

Chill Augnablik A Moment
With a blink and a smile.
Frosted Icelandic Brennivín Aquavit Granite

As the Sjó Sea Sings
While we sing like a swimming salmon might.
Pan Seared Salmon in a Woodsy Dill Mustard Glaze, Wild Rice with Vegetable Gems and Pearls, Roasted Herbed Potatoes

And the Hjarta Heart Smiles
In sweet deliciousness.
Vinarterta Icelandic Cake, Peaches and Cream

Hvalreki Good Luck!
May a whale wash up on your beach.
Coffee, Tea

$65 Prix Fixe Plus Drinks

Reservations: 519 308 0900

The Friendly Chef Adventures

100 Trafalgar Road Hillsburgh ON

P.S. Chef Pam Fanjoy has just opened this new restaurant in Hillsburgh. Chef Arden Jackson is thrilled to collaborate with recent winner of Chopped Canada, Chef Pam Fanjoy to create this poetic and experiential menu. Many beautiful and tasty details await and a delightful surprise too! If you are anywhere near Hillsburgh, Ontario on Thursday, August 4, you will not be disappointed. Call now to make your reservation: 519 308 0900.

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