I hope there is Vínarterta

Many Large ‘Amma’ Vínarterta were delivered to Vancouver for a very special event; the Icelandic National League of North America INLofNA Convention.

At breakfast on the first morning I heard someone say longingly: “I hope there is Vinarterta.”

I realize some people probably know more than I do about Vinarterta, and the power of it especially in a Western Icelandic crowd. It is a wonder to behold.

The Icelandic Canadian Club of British Columbia Convention Team knows it well, and planned the essential Vínarterta placement perfectly.

The brilliant organizers served Vínarterta for the first kaffitimi coffee break.

Large trays of Iced and Non Iced Vínarterta were served that morning, and in less than 20 minutes, it was all gone.

Then again, on the last day of the Convention at the Scandinavian Centre luncheon I heard someone say wistfully: “I hope there is Vínarterta.”

Again, the brilliant organizers served the cake. (And didn’t disappoint with lots of Kleinur, and Cream Puffs too.)

Convention Chair Norm Eyford commented “We are so happy to have served your Vínarterta. It brought our Convention to a whole new level.”

Arden Jackson
Vinarterta.ca ardenjackson.com