Seven Layered Vínarterta (Not Six)

“How then are we to relate to our ancestors? How are we to feel ourselves in some meaningful way Icelandic and in a direct line of descent of Icelandic values and an Icelandic way of life?

Well, for Western Icelanders here in North America the answer is a practical and pragmatic one. We use food.

I grew up in an Icelandic household Where the Icelandic high holidays of mid-summer were celebrated in Gimli where delicacies such as Kleinur and Skyr with blueberries were available over at the park pavilion. And the dining room table at home was laden with Pönnukökur and Vínarterta. My mother was a particularly proud exponent of the 7 layered Vínarterta, and looked down on her 6 layering culinary competitors with a mixture of Christian compassion and austere Lutheran distain.”
– Donald Garth Gíslason
Banquet Keynote April 30 ‪#‎INLofNA‬ Icelandic National League of North America Convention hosted by the Icelandic Canadian Club of British Columbia

Photo: Arden Jackson
Vinarterta Photo: Nelson Gerrard
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