On with the butter!

On with the butter (Áfram með Smjörið)
Getting back to work and getting it done quickly

Sometimes when we’re having an adventure, we wish we were safe at home. But when we’re safe at home, we wish we were having an adventure. I can help with that.

My purpose is to continue to bring an experiential culinary and cultural adventure to you in the form of a beloved Icelandic cake.

Many said it couldn’t be done when I announced, just 30 days ago that I would have my new Vinartertahús + E-Store live by November 1.

The brand new ovens, equipment and all the bakery ingredients and wares required are in place. It’s quite a magnificent accomplishment, achieved with lots of help during these uncertain times with supply chains challenged.

Thank you to my family, landlords, friends, suppliers, and tradespeople who have pulled out all the stops for me, FOR YOU!

We’re not big, but we’re small. I’ve built a ‘Ghost Kitchen’, a place with no storefront that provides service from a high-end commercial artisan bakery through online connection and delivery.

Our new place is called ‘Vinkona’ (woman friend, girlfriend), Vinartertahús + E-Store. It’s ready to roll, literally.

And I can’t wait to share it with you.

Production is going to be a sincere challenge for Christmas, and likely limited and exclusive to you and the rest of the Vinarterta Tribe.

We’re ready to take your orders now!

Orders scheduling now for Christmas and January!

We will start to ship within the next couple of weeks. So time to get ‘On with the butter’!

All my best,

Arden Jackson