Vinarshock: An unexpected realization

Vinarshock, n,;

– The unexpected or astonishing realization that almost every family of Icelandic descent in North America, and all their friends, know and love Vínarterta.

It still happens.

Vinarterta is that good. It is a coveted, protected, personal and family tradition.

It is brilliant at connecting with the heart and feeling exclusive yours.

It inspires love and loyalty.

Of course, it is a secret recipe. (Which can only be made one way. Right?)

And yet it is shared by hundreds of thousands of people.

It is revered, ritualized and raved about.

But you know that already.

And yet there are those who still don’t.

And it shocks some people who think that just their family makes it.

And that there is a baker out there who specializes everyday in making and shipping it?

And that this premium high quality cake is for Vinarterta lovers everywhere?

And yet after 6 years and thousands of Vinarterta later we know that the experience of someone new finding out, finding us and finding there is a source for their beloved cake will happen again today.

And a loving community who understands them is here. And it includes you.


With icing or without. We swing both ways. That’s the other shocker.

We love you. We’re here for you. We’re here for the Vinarshocked too.

Thanks for sharing the love.
Photo: Michael Gnat

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