Remembering on Father’s Day

Slow time. Stop time. Remembering on Father’s Day.

Remember when you were so deeply occupied in play that it became your whole world?

Remember when you slowed time and breathed in the smell of your Dad when he tickled your ear?

Remember when you gave that gift and watched his face as he unwrapped it, and how he smiled so quickly, yet the moment lasted so long? And now, thinking about it you can still see that smile.

Remember when you listened to his voice and giggled as he read a bedtime story from the smooth shiny pages?

Remember when he picked you up after a fall and healed your skinned knee with a kiss?

Remember when you held his hand and noticed how big and strong he was and never wanted to let go?

Remember when he kept you safe as you floated on your back in the cool water of a lake as you watched the clouds?

Remember the taste of the food that he made for you, savoring every single bite, and wishing the meal would never end?

Remember the sound of music on the radio in the car and his voice singing along and the breeze flowing through the window?

Remember the exhilaration when you rode your bike for the first time and he cheered you on?

Remember when he raised you up to touch the sky?

It was as if we slowed time and sensed the beauty, the wonder and the magic of something meaningful.

In awareness we experience special moments. And we stop time.

Slow time. Stop time. Remember.

Happy Father’s Day!

Sending lots and lots of love,

Arden Jackson