Apricot Vinarterta (Choose your size!)


Our Apricot Vinarterta is filled with our unsweetened handmade Pure Apricot Jam and Iced with Buttercream, or Uniced with a Seasonal Cookie Top.

Artisan Bakery, Hand-Rolled Layers with Organic Custom Milled Flour, Small Batch Creamery Butter, Our Own Pure Fruit Jam and Extracts, and Icelandic Sea Salt.

Choose from these sizes:

Elskan Dear One 1.4 lbs/.625 Kg (4-6 Servings)
Vinur Friend 2.75 lbs/1.25 Kg (8-12 Servings)
Afi Grandfather 5 lbs/2.5 Kg (20-30 Servings)
Amma Grandmother 11 lbs/5 Kg (32-64 Servings)

Includes premium packaging for perfect shipping to every destination.


Arden Jackson