Canada AM: Viking Dinner and Vínarterta

Canada AM CTV last show is Friday June 3 after 43 Seasons. Thanks Canada AM for many entertaining mornings! Including my Throw Back Thursday to April 10,2015. It was a fun segment sharing Traditional Icelandic Food and Vínarterta!

I had cut my hand badly the day before and had stitches and bandage to deal with, and prep for catering for a 300 person Thorrablot Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto (ICCT) the next day. It was fantastic to be supported on the set by the amazing Canada AM team and my own personal heroes; Alison Wilson, Sacha Gudmundson and Parks Canada staff Kimberlee Trainor. It was an interesting experience and great opportunity thanks to Riding Mountain National Park ‘s Fred Sheppard to fulfill his brilliant idea to promote L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site with traditional Icelandic Food and Vínarterta; creating lasting bonds and connection between Newfoundland Vikings and Feasting Icelanders and enthusiasts in Toronto.

And the clever producer twisted my arm for the celebrated recipe! How could I refuse? (Of course it’s missing key secret ingredients reserved for my customers.)

Check it out here and relive the hilarious pain with me of forgetting to say Vínarterta!:

Canada AM CTV : Viking Feast and Vínarterta Recipe Episode April 10, 2015

Sending love,

Arden Jackson