Icelandic Lamb!

Icelandic Lamb; the best tasting, lean and finest textured lamb in the world. Raised in isolation the Icelandic Sheep is the only breed of sheep in Iceland and has provided meat, milk and wool for the Icelandic people for over 1000 years. Icelandic lambs roam free all summer in the purest of environments and graze on an all-natural diet of grasses and herbs without use of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics or hormones. Raised on family farms where sustainable practices preserve the land and ensure a high level of quality of life for the sheep, the farmers ride their beautiful Icelandic horses to round up their animals in September. Each one is ear marked, however, easily recognized by their owners as they know their flocks well. Icelandic lamb producers operate with a high level of animal welfare standards. The combination of breed, environment, superior farming methods, production processes and taste make Icelandic Lamb an amazing culinary choice.

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Arden Jackson