Nordur Salt Arctic Sea Salt Flakes


Nordur Salt Arctic Sea Salt Flakes are pure, light, flaky, fresh, crunchy and infused with minerals from Breiðafjörður Bay, Iceland. A signature ingredient in our Vinarterta and baked goods. A favourite for garnishing eggs, fish, meat and game, vegetables, salads and desserts. Cold arctic water is heated with geothermal energy from the hot spring at Reykhólar in Iceland. The sustainable and environmentally responsible ‘unprocessed’ process preserves naturally occurring minerals more than ordinary table salt and enhances food beautifully. It’s crystalline structure and low density makes it lower in sodium by volume than many other refined sea salts.

Five Flaky Flavours:

Pure Arctic Sea Salt Flakes: Flaky, crunchy, airy crystals elevate all your food creations. Unflavoured. 250 g Box

Smoked, Liquorice, Rhubarb and Blueberry. These Arctic Sea Salt Flakes are like boxes of freshly fallen flaky snow crystals, infused with colourful, natural, tasty flavours and aromas of Iceland. 125 g Box

There is a Nordur Salt for every occasion, gift giving, and for home and professional kitchens. The soft and crispy flakes are a beautiful and usable gift, easy to work with, and great for everyday use to enhance the natural complexity of ingredients creating bursts of flavour. And the packaging is gorgeous!

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